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Kuasar 1.1, using video data from industries advancements together to help retailers grow sales, attain new customers and retain existing ones by personalizing offerings through an in-depth understanding of their customers. Revealing the most accurate content for agencies and content producers, Kuasar 1.1 enables you to produce your content faster and cheaper.


Video Marketing Platform


Marketing Budget Savings


Increase in Audience Reach


We examine your data in detail on the platforms you reach your target audience, and then we perform the analysis with artificial intelligence.

Audıence-Content Analysis Report

All videos produced in your field with artificial intelligence are examined. The content needs of your target audience are revealed.


Upon your request, content suggested by artificial intelligence is produced after the report.


Then you will be unrivaled in your market with the power of artificial intelligence supported video marketing.

2022 Q1
Kuasar 1.1

Audience and content analysis with video data

2023 Q4
Kuasar 1.3

Creative AI-powered video editor

2024 Q3
Kuasar 1.4

Text to Video powered by audience analysis

Why Video Data?


Video will account for more than 82% of global consumer internet traffic by the end of 2022.


90% of consumers watch videos to help with their purchasing decisions.


64% of consumers are more likely to buy online after watching a video about a product.

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